Corporate Governance

Is your company’s board as productive as it can be at supporting the CEO and the company’s goals?

For any company with a board to function effectively, the board as a whole, and each member of the board individually, must understand their roles and responsibilities, have the skills and experience to contribute to success, and have the means to make decisions and handle challenges productively.

Every company and every board is different. We are experts in working with boards of all shapes, sizes, and styles, making sure that each board is operating to its greatest potential.  We advise your company’s board through any number of questions and issues, whether you’re appointing a board and establishing board guidelines for the first time, educating current board members about their roles, phasing out or replacing outgoing board members, experiencing friction between the board, the CEO, and the investors, or experiencing stagnation, lack of production, or conflict within the board itself.


Success Stories

  • A seventy-year-old, family-owned manufacturing company was transitioning from family managed to non-family managed and wanted to put in place a Board of Directors. We helped to write the board charter, position descriptions, and committee descriptions. Then we helped to recruit five independent members for the board.
  • A family-owned business wanted to educate the succeeding generation on the responsibilities of being a shareholder and a member of the board of directors. We held three educational sessions with the eight members of the next generation, including simulations of shareholder meetings and board meetings, as well as team building activities and training.
  • We worked with a family business that had a board makeup of only family members to evolve to an independent board with a majority of independent members.
  • We did a board performance evaluation that included functional skill analysis and board culture evaluation. The results led to a board development plan with a multi-year improvement plan.

Our Process

We begin work on any project by completing an assessment. We interview employees, explore paperwork and the legal documents that define the company structure. We attend meetings, observe how employees interact, and experience the company culture first-hand.


Our Tools

Based on the assessment, we then determine which additional tool modules best suit the company. Our tools include:

  • Interviews of key leaders
  • Focus groups
  • Observations
  • Custom designed surveys
  • 360 degree assessments
  • Testing such as MBTI, MAP, and enneagram
  • Comparison to your expectations
  • Comparison to the predominant culture of the competitors
  • Comparison to the optimal culture for the industry
  • Other specific tools, depending on the needs of your business